About ISIS Papyrus Software

ISIS Papyrus Software offers a consolidated, end-to-end solution for inbound and outbound communications and process management. Its business communication platform uses a repository to consolidate business rules, document management and Case Management. Papyrus is globally the FIRST software system that uses real-time machine-learning for automated Business Process discovery.

ISIS Papyrus US Headquarters, Southlake, Texas

In 2008 the Swiss-based ISIS Papyrus Group celebrated 20 years of customer-oriented software innovation. Its operational headquarters are in Vienna, Austria, with offices in 15 countries.

The ISIS Papyrus Group is a unique expert player in its own market niche. More than 320 employees leverage a tradition of excellence in meeting customer requirements based on insight into customer-to-employee, employee-to-content and content-to-process relationships. The privately owned group is profitable above industry average, has substantial cash reserves and typically grows 10 percent per year.

ISIS Papyrus software connects enterprises with their customers by, for example issuing more than half the United States credit cards and producing more financial and telecom documents than any other vendor in the European Union. More than 2000 customers, mostly enterprise-size corporations, utilize ISIS Papyrus products 24/7 around the globe.

Starting from mainframe forms design in 1988, via the industry’s most powerful, cross-platform and cross-industry document formatting tool, ISIS Papyrus developed the unique, content- and process-driven Papyrus Business Information Platform in 2000.

Focusing on service consolidation rather than SOA and the lack of agility caused by Java and XML, the Papyrus Inbound and Outbound functionality carries business information through an uninterrupted closed loop of processes that link to the productive enterprise systems by means of data federation. Rather than fragmenting business software into ECM, CRM and BPM, the ISIS approach helps our enterprise clients benefit from ISIS Papyrus’ patented, real-world solution for consolidated, customer-focused processes.


About Max J. Pucher

I am the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Papyrus Software, a medium size software company offering solutions in communications and process management around the globe. I am also the owner and CEO of MJP Racing, a motorsports company focused on Rallycross or RX, a form of circuit racing on mixed surfaces that has been around for 40 years. I hold 8 national and international championship titles in RX. My team participates in the World Championship along Petter Solberg, Sebastian Loeb and Ken Block.
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