ISIS Papyrus ACM Solution Description

Client Challenge

Adaptive Case Management is a progression from the initiation of a case to its final resolution. Typically, even a simple process also has to be integrated with the database, database tables, inbound and outbound business communication (CRM/ECM), case rule definitions and time-stamped materials from case history or pending communications. Certainly, document content, collaborative decision-making and customer interactions are important elements of case management. A large portion of case-related information is received and managed in the form of business documents rather than structured data.

Cases often take too long to complete, from the standpoints of both the customer and the operations team, due to a number of internal factors:

  • Resources
  • Information is misplaced
  • No standardization
  • Difficulty of enforcing compliance with policies, regulation, and best practices
  • Lack of visibility into key performance indicators at individual case level (real time) or in the aggregate (historical trends)

In case management, human judgment, external events and business rules don’t merely determine a path through a predefined diagram. Some tasks and processes to complete the case may be defined in advance through the case template, but ad-hoc tasks are a critical distinguishing element of case management, often related to creating, obtaining, reviewing, and approving documents and some representing conventional processes involving multiple participants.

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Single Customer View
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Adaptive Case Management model
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Offer Description

Papyrus Adaptive Case Management includes a complete document management system, a comprehensive facility for creating, capturing, indexing, storing, finding, viewing, sharing, editing, versioning and retaining a wide variety of document types. To ensure both compliance and flexibility, Papyrus Adaptive Case Management can apply rules to document events for automation and case status tracking at any point in the process, including required predefined tasks and documents via the case template and also allowing the addition of ad–hoc activity and content at runtime.

Rather than routing the case folder to the next task sequentially down the line, Papyrus Adaptive Case Management instead advances through both external and internal events:

  • For external events such as receipt of a phone call, letter, fax, or e-mail related to the case, the message content is added to the case folder and new tasks or processes may be created.
  • For internal events such as assignments and business rules, case workers assign tasks and initiate processes as needed to work on the case, and business rules within the case may automatically create and assign tasks or trigger fully automated actions based on either external events, completion of other case tasks, or expiration of task deadlines.
  • Those tasks and activities define the case context and are visible, along with case documents, in the shared case folder, where the state of the case as a whole is determined by the combined state of all tasks and documents.

The strength of Papyrus Adaptive Case Management is an integrated end-to-end solution combining data, business processes & rules, document creation, capture and output management with support for Dynamic Business Process Management in a single platform.

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Papyrus Adaptive Case Management with integrated
inbound and outbound correspondence (click image to zoom)

With Papyrus Adaptive Case Management, a case is not simply a collection of isolated activities, processes and documents, but a single and evolving entity progressing toward completion. Represented by the case folder, the case as a whole is easily understood through simple review of the unified and customized view that summarizes the status and provides access to key content and details.

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Administrator Overview (click image to zoom)
Personal Task List / Activity List with status information (click image to zoom)
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Case Check lists (click image to zoom)
Calendar view (click image to zoom)

About Max J. Pucher

I am the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Papyrus Software, a medium size software company offering solutions in communications and process management around the globe. I am also the owner and CEO of MJP Racing, a motorsports company focused on Rallycross or RX, a form of circuit racing on mixed surfaces that has been around for 40 years. I hold 8 national and international championship titles in RX. My team participates in the World Championship along Petter Solberg, Sebastian Loeb and Ken Block.
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