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Why Adaptive Case Management?

What keeps the managers, directors and executives of a business awake at night, tossing and turning? The long-range questions about where the ecomony is going and what the competition is or will be doing? Does anyone think they are wondering … Continue reading

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The Difference between ACM and BPM

In forum discussions and during the ACM tweetjam the suggestion came up multiple times that Adaptive Case Management has to do with controlled anarchy and chaos. I disagree with anarchy as it describes a state of lawlessness in a group … Continue reading

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Flowcharts for Knowledge Processes?

We can sit down together and bemoan or complain in blogs as to why flow-based processes are so often designed wrongly. Most seem to blame the designer taking a wrong approach or not applying some methodology the right way. Others … Continue reading

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Goal Orientation in ACM

The only reason to execute processes is to achieve certain outcomes and GOAL ORIENTATION is therefore essential. Linking those outcomes to rigid execution from the beginning is a key problem of current BPM implementations, because these processes are not simple, … Continue reading

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Gartner Group expands BPM definition

It is most interesting that in the new diction of Gartner, BPM is now encompassing processes that were not so long ago the antithesis of BPM, not to say the antichrist – unstructured, non-routine, unpredictable, non-sequential, complex and even chaotic! … Continue reading

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