What is Adaptive Case Management (ACM)?

Adaptive Case Management (ACM) is a subset of what ISIS Papyrus defines as the  Adaptive Process concept that also encompasses the BPM, CRM, ECM, BRM and project management domains. ACM provides the infrastructure for knowledge-based work that current systems can’t support because processes are too dynamic, variable and unstructured. ACM is necessary for processes that:

  1. … are unpredictable in their execution,
  2. … are driven by unknown events,
  3. … need actions with unforeseen consequences,
  4. … require the ad-hoc inclusion of new actors,
  5. … use actor knowledge that cannot be enoded in rules and flows,
  6. … have unknown inbound and outbound content,
  7. … must enable business users to add rules at any time,
  8. … need secure, auditable social interactions of actors,
  9. … must assign actor authority based on ‘need-to-know,’
  10. … require complete transparency and auditabilty.

ACM is a subset of Adaptive Process and expands on BPM.

This is Chief Architects Max J. Pucher’s functional definition of Adaptive Case Management:

  1. ACM is a productive system that deploys not only an organization and process structure but through backend interfaces becomes the system of record for the business data entities and content involved. All processes are completely transparent as per access authorization and fully auditable.
  2. ACM enables non-technical business users in virtual organizations to seamlessly create/consolidate unstructured processes from basic predefined business entities, content, social interactions, and business rules without the need for flowcharting.
  3. ACM moves the process knowledge gathering in the life cycle from the template analysis/modeling/simulation phase into the process execution. The ACM system collects actionable knowledge – without intermediate analysis phase – from business users.

2 Responses to What is Adaptive Case Management (ACM)?

  1. If you have unpredictable business you must run a project. Other option is to have a fast changing business. Nevertheless the process has to be planned, implemented and controlled…but with higher change frequency. So the competitive edge is on the process management performance…

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