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Adaptive Case Management

The Forrester Research Wave on DCM 2014

ISIS Papyrus Process and Communication Platform has been recently evaluated both for its content and its process capability in two independent reports by Forrester Research about Customer Communications Management (DOCCM) and Dynamic Case Management (DCM). These acronyms are unfortunately quite confusing. I do prefer CCM … Continue reading

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Dynamic Exception Handling or Adaptive Goals?

The last few months have been a hotbed of discussions on Social Media about the market fragmentation of the BPM world. We now have in the BPM domain the definitions of Dynamic BPM, which has been pushed by Gartner Group … Continue reading

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Filling the Void between BPM and Social Media

In this post I will shed light on many of the fuzzy areas of ACM that have come up again over the last few weeks. Some of it relates to similarities and overlap with both BPMS products on the one … Continue reading

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Consolidated Customer Service: CRM, BPM and ECM

Things take time! We at ISIS Papyrus propose a consolidated ECM, CRM, BPM solution since 2001! Since then we do full process support with state/event driven models and since 2009 we even do BPMN. There is however no process without … Continue reading

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BPMN 2.0 Extensions: Data, Content, Rules and Goals

We use a subset of BPMN 2.0 graphic modeling concepts for our adaptive process visualization in Papyrus ACM. To shorten this post and keep the principle discussion about flowcharts product-independent I moved it to ‘The Problem with Flowcharts’. Here I … Continue reading

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ACM Empowerment or BPM Enforcement?

Some BPM consultants propose that processes are the most important corporate asset. I disagree because a process is an abstract entity that produces no value. Value is defined by human interaction and perception in the real world. While abstract processes … Continue reading

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Why Adaptive Case Management?

What keeps the managers, directors and executives of a business awake at night, tossing and turning? The long-range questions about where the ecomony is going and what the competition is or will be doing? Does anyone think they are wondering … Continue reading

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